Alabama native, JR Grady was born and raised in Montgomery. He attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales in Charleston, South Carolina while working at world famous Hank’s Seafood. After graduating summa cum laude, JR desired to continue to broaden his culinary experience while cultivating his geographical understanding of food. Subsequently, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where his talent and skills were not only developed but recognized and awarded.


JR’s passion for food and his desire to continue to expand his culinary career eventually landed him in Kansas City, Missouri, as the Executive Chef for national chains, Fat Fish Blue and Improv Theatres, where he lived and worked until his return to Alabama in 2013. After starting a family, JR was inclined to come back to his roots and as a result, moved back to Montgomery to serve as the Executive Chef at Baptist Health. Following his departure at Baptist Health, JR and his brother-in-law decided to remodel homes and hence, Revive Remodeling was born.


However, JR has long desired to raise his two young daughters by the coast, and more importantly to give his family the stability of not just a small-town community but an environment surrounded by people who are both supportive and hospitable of the locals who endeavor to both work and live on Florida’s Forgotten Coast.


JR has always been a chef at heart and this inherent talent led him to retire his construction skills. He then co-founded Dagwood’s in 2018, and has since become the sole owner and proprietor of Dagwood’s. JR realizes that it does not matter if you’re catering to a population of hundreds of thousands (or, as he likes it, a tiny fraction of those thousands). JR’s belief has always been to give the customer not just innovative and quality food using only the freshest ingredients sourced by local farmers but to deliver delicious food that won’t break the bank, and has people begging for more.


Thank you for embracing Dagwood’s as part of your tight-knit, loyal and kind community. JR is both proud and  happy to live in a town where everyone knows his name but if they don’t know it, they at least know he’s the guy with the enviable beard.